Creating A Cantilever Slabs In Orion

Creating A Cantilever Slabs In Orion

To generate a cantilever slab using Orion, click on insert slab, then this will appear on your screen:

Select the Slab Type 12 and enter a thickness according to your design, but most preferably 150mm.

Enter the length of the cantilever slab in the L-Cant box, so your properties window should look as shown in the above image.

If you click on the Display Slab Label icon, so a cross goes through it. The effect of this is to switch off the label for the slab on the drawing.


Now insert a cantilever slab along the full length of a beam in the same way as you would insert a beam or wall. Then click along the RHS of the beam. When clicking from intersection to intersection, click in an anticlockwise direction. Each cantilever slab can only be defined relative to one beam. Therefore, to place a cantilever slab along the side of a building, you would be required to specify separate slabs for each of the beams along the edge. Also the insertion points for the beginning and end points of the slab should coincide with those of the beam to which it is adjacent.


With the cantilever slab properties still active, type the slab width in the b-slab box as 3000 for example.

Ensure that the cantilever length, L-cant, e.g. 1000

In the ā€˜dā€™ box, type the distance from the grid where the slab is to be inserted as 4000. The slab thickness, h, is 150

Now click and drag from Grid 3/F to 1/F so the cantilever slab 1S16 is shown as below:


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