Building models on Orion 18 Software

How to build models on Structural Design using Orion 18 Software

For many years, Orion has being one of the effective softwares used in structural analysis and design. It is developed for the analysis, design and drafting of Concrete Building Structures. Unlike general purpose structural analysis programs, Orion is concentrated on accurate analysis, fast data preparation, automated reinforced concrete design and automated preparation of engineering drawings and details.

Structural models can be generated in two ways using Orion 18:

  • Orthogonal Axis Generator
  • Direct Offset Method

We will be emphasizing on the most widely used and accurate method which is Orthogonal Axis Generator.


Getting Started – Project Parameters & Settings

  • Launching Orion software
  • Entering Project Code
  • Selecting a Template (Settings Centre)
  • Selecting Drawing Sheet
  • Entering Storey Height
  • Specifying some Program Design Settings


Selecting Drawing sheet:

Click on the drop down arrow to see the various sheet sizes available, pick A0 then click OK.


You can enter your own sheet size in the width and height box if your required size is not available. You can also change the drawing and detail scales from this dialog.


Inserting Storey height:

The next dialog prompts for the Storey height for the 1st storey. Enter the storey height as 3300mm as shown below then click OK.


After entering the 1st storey height, the main drawing area (Graphical Editor) appears.

Orion is now fully open and ready for our model to be created:



Orthogonal Axis Generator

Below are the steps in generating structural models using Orthogonal Axis generator:

  1. Pick Orthogonal Axis Generator from the File menu. Note the text that is displayed at the bottom of the screen. This is prompting you how to proceed.
  2. Hold down the Ctrl key while picking a point in the lower left hand region of the drawing sheet. After picking the reference point the Orthogonal Axis Generator screen should appear.
  3. Fill in the boxes on the Orthogonal Axis Generator as below:


You could now click on the screen to define the co-ordinates of the reference point, however to ensure it has a sensible (i.e. whole number) offset from the origin hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while picking a reference point.


The Orthogonal Axis Generator will create Direction 1 axes horizontally and give them Alphabetical labels, Direction 2 axes will be created vertically with numeric labels. It is worthwhile maintaining a convention so that the same axis directions are applied in all models. We would suggest all axes within +/- 45 degrees of the horizontal be assigned direction 1 and all axes within +/- 45 degrees of the vertical be assigned direction 2.

Then Click on OK, the axes should appear as follows:



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